Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Gospel Plain and Simple

By forsaking our authority in the preaching of the Gospel, we have encouraged a shopping mall approach to Christianity, using a church marketing methodology that sees the congregation as consumers and merely tried to attract a clientele. God does not need showy talent, catchy gimmicks, or trendy programs to bring people to Christ. People do not need to be entertained, or even happy. They need to be saved. We need to reestablish our confidence in our authority to proclaim the truth, even if the world rejects both the authority and the message.

Paul W. Downey in More Than Spectators, (Greenville, SC: Ambassador Emerald, 2002), 111.


dale said...

Andy, great quote. Thank you for sharing it. There is nothing more precious than the Gospel of jesus Christ, our Lord. What else is needed? Amen

dale said...

"Jesus Christ" it should read. Time to get a new keyboard.