Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bumper Bowling Fund Raiser

Jefferson's Cub Scout pack did a bowling fund raiser this morning. The idea was to have people pledge a certain amount "per pin" to raise money for events such as the pine wood derby, rain gutter regatta, and the fall campout. Jefferson did fairly well scoring a 96 on his first game. Good job, Jeff!

Despite his good effort, there were plenty of humorous moments. One little boy hit the bumpers five times before getting a strike. Another boy would start from the steps and run 15 feet before letting the ball go. A parent commented, "Just imagine how well he'd do if he started in the parking lot."

If you have chosen to be part of the fund raiser, Jefferson would be happy to accept funds via credit card (paypal) or you can also send a check through the mail. His dad will make sure the money makes it to the next pack meeting. For credit card payments, click on the appropriate button below. (If you are not a member of paypal, you can still pay by credit card by clicking on the word "continue" next to the credit card logos at the bottom of the page.)
And from all of the cub scout pack, thank you for supporting us!





x 96


x 96



x 96



x 96



uc said...

Will you send charity receipts for tax purposes?

Andy Rupert said...

I'll have to check with the cub scout leader about that. But I will send a receipt of some kind.