Friday, March 21, 2008

Revival in Orwell!


Dan said...

Of course you know, this means war!

Don't worry Meeechigan fans, our car's useless-poisonous-nut immune system noted the leech and duly removed the noxious pestilence before leaving the garage [heh heh]

Oh, and for the record, Isle-Kerguelenites, you should be informed of the new evangelical tactics utilized not only by Andy "Roop-dawg" but his entire family. It's a shame that such a wonderful family has been shamelessly brainwashed. But, that's about all a buckeye (remember, a useless, poisonous nut) can do! [heh heh]

They came to our house on the pretense of having to use our bathroom because the Shell station's was out of service. In addition to subterfuge and a blatant lie, they took advantage of biblical hospitality.

Shame, shame, shame.

Coach Tressel would hang his head in shame and wash his hands of such actions, refusing to be associated with defacing private property of law-abiding, tax-paying OHIO citizens.


Andy Rupert said...


Mark Perry said...

Dan, this is good to see. And frankly, there couldn't be a better time to jump ship after several years of famine in Ann Arbor. [heh,heh]

Dan said...

During times of famine, it's never a good time to sojourn in Egypt, Mark :-)