Friday, August 22, 2008

So Close!

During my time as assistant pastor our congregation learned that my intellect had been shaped by such peerless literature as the Hardy Boys detective stories. It was little wonder then that we got a call from a church member to see if I was interested in purchasing some of them. They were going to be sold at a garage sale to benefit the missionaries.

I ended up buying 6 volumes at $2 each. What a deal! Now we have Hardy Boys volumes 1-54 and 56-57. I do have a reprint version of #58, but I'm a purist. I'd rather have one of the original blue spine volumes.


Katrina said...

I got a 1976 edition of #55. Want it?

Andy Rupert said...

Sure! That would be great!

Katrina said...

I wasn't sure if you just didn't want it because it is about a "witchmaster".
Can you wait 'til Christmas? ( :