Monday, June 22, 2009

Why does God do things HIS way?

Why should I believe that God's way is best? Why is it that Christians trust him no matter how things turn out? Why is it that Job could go through the loss of his children, wealth, and health and still trust God? During the evening message last night, visiting Pastor John Goldfuss gave a good answer.

Why does God do things HIS way?
"As for God HIS way is perfect." —Psalm 18:30

I appreciated that answer. If it were just one person's opinion against mine, who's to say that his is any better than mine. But when I compare my reasoning against the perfect ways of God, what can I do but submit to perfection? His answer is perfect. As the Designer of time and Creation, he always knows what is best and does what is best to fit into his perfect plan for our lives. And because of that, no matter what God decides to do, I need to trust him.

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