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Chart of Salvation 5: God must Intervene

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On occasion you hear the story of someone who was rescued from a hopeless condition. A firefighter pulls an infant from a burning building just before it collapses. A search party finds a lost fisherman floating on the top of his overturned vessel in the vast ocean. The individuals in these situations were hopelessly lost except for the fact that someone saved them from their impending doom.

The same has been true of every person who has ever lived. Because each person is spiritually dead toward God, he is unable to do anything about his problem. While some may sense a problem, none are willing to turn to Jesus for help unless God intervenes.

No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.
And I will raise him up on the last day. —John 6:44
The point is that those listening to Jesus would not believe until God the Father drew them to himself. It takes a supernatural work of God to convince sinners of their sinfulness, lack of righteousness, and the fact that they are deserving judgment. Consider an example of this from the Scriptures.

One of the most hopeless cases in the Bible is a man called the demoniac of Gadera (Mark 5:1-20). This man was oppressed by many demons. Every night he would run wildly through a graveyard, yelling and cutting himself with sharp stones. The authorities had tried to stop him. They even chained him down one day. But this demon-possessed man wripped the chains off his arms and ran away! His situation was hopeless ... until God drew him to Jesus. Through his life-changing power, Jesus commanded the demons to leave the man and he became a follower of Jesus. This dramatic change was noticed by all of the people in town. When God draws a sinful person to himself, even a demon-possesed man will come to Jesus and be changed!

No matter how bad the situation, when God calls a sinful person to himself, he will come to him.

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