Monday, June 03, 2013

The Current Battle in Fundamentalism

A few days ago, Don Johnson posted a thoughtful article about the current battle in fundamentalism. After talking about the past battles against modernism and new evangelicalism, he sums up the current battle with this paragraph:

There is, however, a current battle. The current battle is the battle over culture. Some younger fundamentalists (and the conservative evangelicals) seem to be articulating a position that only battles over theology are legitimate, no one can do battle over non-theological matters. As long as doctrine is orthodox, there is no remaining conflict. Culture, as a neutral object, or at least as an insignificant object, must not become the focus of division. But is this challenge non-theological?

I have been thinking about the current trends in fundamentalism and found his article a refreshing perspective. Read the complete article and his conclusion at


uc said...

I hope it's just trying to not get stuck in history, like the Amish. I hope it's not selfish worldliness.

Andy Rupert said...

I understand that idea. If we continue to hold to the way people lived in 1920, we will stick out as an oddity. Some cultural things do not necessarily represent worldliness.

The problem that I see is that some are ignoring biblical principles and mixing ungodly culture with Christian ideas. That's the problem I see.